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Hand Painted Portuguese Pottery

These pieces are individual works of art and the detail that each piece requires guarantees that there will never be two alike. Hand painted means that all pieces vary in artistry and yes there are even minor flaws or imperfections. Each piece is truly unique. These are pieces to be treasured and admired for generations.

Artists of Coimbra used lead free ink making each piece safe for serving and each piece is painted entirely by hand and SIGNED by the individual artist.

Each beautiful piece is representative of a particular period or style.

17th Century This style of painting is called small design drawing because it includes small motifs like fruits, flowers, birds and other animals painted upon fine faience surfaces.

Blue and White Pattern is based on hunting scenes of the 18th Century. The scenes are painted in blue and white imitating pieces done in the Age of Exploration to copy admired Oriental Porcelains.

15th Century Intricate patterns and earth tones predominate. Design is similar to those used in Mozarabic glazed tiles which can be viewed in many museums. Designs inspired by the 15th century are among the most expensive due to the time and precision involved. Only the most experienced painters can replicate these motifs.